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Asparagus package 2024

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Care suite

A luxurious stay, even if one needs with extra care 

Boshotel Vlodrop values accessibility to as many people as possible and would thus like  to help even those who need some particular care. 
Our hotel has therefore been arranged in such a way as to allow this to be possible. By fitting additional facilities to our suites we are able to help even those guests who need a little extra care, so they can also enjoy their stay in a luxurious 4-star hotel. We have specifically arranged 8 suites for this purpose. These rooms offer, besides air-conditioning, all the necessary facilities. They have been designed to be extra spacious and come equipped with electronically adjustable beds. The bathrooms in these rooms are designed to be wheelchair accessible. 

A little extra care 
Aside from the design of these rooms it is important for those who need it to have access to health care.  The Zorggroep Midden -Limburg is specialised in offering health care. 
Our high-quality fitness and wellness facilities are set up to allow your rehabilitation process to transpire as smoothly as possible. 
As we are only a hotel, our care is not comprehensive. So we do assume that those who come and enjoy our care-suites are still somewhat self-sufficient. We expect them to be capable of eating, showering and using the lavatory independently. If you were to be in need of more care and specific guidance we are always open to discuss the options available for you. 

Intended guests/ use-cases? 
The care suites are extremely suitable for guests with a care demand going on a holiday and for patients who are in between hospitalization and staying at home and who need extra care and revalidation and recuperation. 

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