Summer package 2024
Boshotel Vlodrop
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Summer package 2024

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Boshotel Vlodrop is pre-eminently suited for multi-day meetings because of the “all under one roof” formula. 
Conference rooms, meals, overnight stays and all the necessary relaxation are offered in an all-in package. 

Conference rooms 
Within our hotel we have 6 conference rooms varying from 16m2 to 350 m2. 
The conference rooms are all equipped with: 
* air-conditioning 
* comfortable furniture 
* modern audio-visual equipment 
* free Wi-Fi 

You are assured of total silence in the rooms. Because the accommodation is situated in the forest, you will not be disturbed by traffic or other environmental noises. The conference rooms are separated from the hotel and restaurant by an inside patio of 240m2. 

After concentration and hard work comes relaxation. You can recharge by getting some fresh air in the forest in order to be able to work efficiently afterwards again. The conference room is right next to the forest, allowing you to enter this tranquil environment at a moment’s notice. Our activity club is also the place to be for outdoor team-building activities. They can will co-operate with you to make a suitable offer for any budget and time frame. The comfortable rooms, excellent restaurant and wonderful Wellness Centre complete the package for your business meetings