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Boshotel Vlodrop
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Boshotel Vlodrop and its surroundings are the perfect place to relax. “Het Roerdal” and National Park “de Meinweg” are unique natural areas which are excellent place for a bicycle tour of a good hike or a nice game of golf at the golf course “de Herkenbosche”.

Various group activities are organized at the Wellness Center Vita Allegra wich is situated in the Boshotel.

Hiking and cycling

The surrounding of Boshotel Vlodrop are perfect for hiking  and cycling. There are many hiking- and cycling trails in the vast countryside of National Park “de Meinweg” and “het Roerdal. You can also easily cycle to the historic city Roermond.


Because of the many various trails you can choose to go hiking all day or go just for a short stroll. The hiking trails are marked by coloured posts. Or you can set out your own route with the numbered posts which in Dutch are called “knooppunten”


Exploring the environment by bicycle is also an excellent option. The many bicycle paths form a unique network. You can easily cycle from Boshotel Vlodrop to Roermond or the white village Thorn.
Or you can choose to set out your own route with the “knooppunten” for bicycles.

We organise several activities walking or cycling for groups.

Renting a bicycle

It is possible to rent a bicycle at the Boshotel

Various cycling or hiking trails are available at our front desk.
If you want a wider range of trails we advise to go to Brasserie de Boshut/Visitors center de Meinweg

Meinweg 2
6075 NA Herkenbosch
Telephone number: +31 (0)475 53 04 39

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